Expression of Interest in Foster Care

Thank you for interest in becoming a Foster Carer with us at Foundations Care Ltd.
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Conditions of application

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I understand that I can withdraw the application at any stage. This will not prevent my re-application, but my reason(s) for withdrawal will be documented and discussed with me if I do re-apply.

If I proceed, I understand that I will be required to undergo necessary criminal history checks.

I understand that a criminal record does not automatically prevent me from being a foster carer, but the implication of any convictions on my suitability to be a foster carer will be discussed with me and will be taken into account in the assessment process.

If I proceed, I agree to take part in the process to assess foster carers for approval and I understand it will include interviews with any children or young people who are a part of my household.

If I proceed, I understand that I will need to complete a training course prior to being approved as a foster carer (at the organisation's cost).

I understand that Foundations Care Ltd will ask my permission to contact any other people or agencies who are able to provide relevant information regarding my suitability to provide foster care.

I understand that I will be required to prepare and provide the names of two referees upon request.

I give permission to collect, use and disclose personal information.